I was in my late twenties when I first engaged with personal, creative writing. With two master’s degrees under my belt, I was an ace at academic writing. I also scribbled regularly in a journal. One day I looked at one of the journal entries I’d written so quickly, with such heat, and saw the bones of a poem.

I sat at my dining table for hours, my journal and a pad of paper in front of me, absorbed in writing a draft, crossing out, refining, shaping—the initial outpouring and then the application of craft, the polishing, the tending until a finished poem emerged.

I bring this deep appreciation for the process—and the joy—of writing to a range of writing tasks and to my teaching and editing.

  • I am a versatile writer with expertise in education, social-emotional learning, mental health, stress management, wellness, diet and lifestyle, and gardening.
  • I lead community-based writing groups where my primary goal is to create a safe space for words to emerge. 
  • I have many years experience as an editor and content developer for books, workshop materials, and multimedia professional development products.